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what direcataa does

Who are we?

We’re an online directory that connects migrants and refugees to information and services that helps kick-start their lives in Australia.

In our eyes, migrants and refugees aren’t any less than anybody else in the country. We strongly believe people, no matter their age, gender or background, have the right to be given equal support.

That’s why Directa exists. We’re here to help.
what direcataa does

Our mission

To create a sense of belonging for everybody.

Our goals
  • Improve the global system of refugee resettlement
  • Empower migrants and refugees to reach their full potential
  • Provide easy and efficient access to settlement services, free workshops, programs and training for educational and employment purposes
  • Inspire migrants and refugees to connect within communities
  • Assist the government to identify key issues that could help further solve existing problems

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